ComputerServe IT

Keyboard or pad unresponsive? Shutting down unexpectedly or not starting up? Just some of the many faults laptops can develop. Our specialist laptop repair technicians can solve all hardware & softaware issues you may be experiencing. With our highly qualified technicians we can add a new hard drive, cd & dvd drive, memory or replace power supplies. We can also install & configure all types of new software for you as well. We can cure it. We will recover your files and restore your computer to perfect working order. Networking.for home and business we can setup a new or reconfigure and maintain your existing network. Share files, printers and make your network secure, fast & efficient. We specialise in both wired and wireless networks. We can test system stability, connect it to the internet or network. We can also transfer all of your files, emails and settings from your old computer to your new one.